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 Defense Ministry reported on mobilization progress: 50% of recruits are already being trained, 95% of draft notices are sent. PHOTOS

The schedule of posting orders distribution is 95% fulfilled and more than a half of recruits have been already sent to training.

Censor.NET reports citing ATO speaker Andrii Lysenko.

"According to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, more than a half of recruits have been already sent to training; the schedule of posting orders distribution is 95% fulfilled; the number of citizens sent to pass the examination in health is above the plan," he said.

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"Three groups consisting of more than 100 people from the city of Sumy have already left for the Armed Forces of Ukraine training centers. These groups are mainly comprised of 35-45 years-old men, who have already served in the army. About 150 volunteers appealed to the military registration and enlistment offices in Sumy region with a request to call them up for military service. There are many women among them. Substantial attention during the selection of recruits is paid not only to their physical condition but also to mental one. Nine teams comprised of more than 800 people mobilized in Zaporizhia since the beginning of the first phase of the fourth wave of military draft were sent to training centers and military schools of the Armed Forces of Ukraine," Lysenko said.


Photos by the NSDC Information Analysis Center

"The first stage of the partial mobilization is featured by plenty of volunteers liable for military service coming to the military registration and enlistment offices. Most of them have experience of military service and are motivated to protect the Ukrainian people," he concluded.

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As reported earlier, the first wave of current mobilization started Jan. 20 and will last for 90 days. In general, the mobilization in 2015 will be carried out in three stages and will run from January to August. The second stage will begin approximately in April and will last for 60 days, and the third stage is to begin in June and will also last for 60 days. It is planned to call up 200,000 Ukrainians for military service in the Armed Forces during this year.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p322959