SBU detained two terrorists involved in shelling of Mariupol neighborhood on Jan. 24. PHOTOS

The Security Service of Ukraine continues to conduct special operation to expose all members of a dangerous special terrorist group that directly carried out the shelling of Mariupol on Jan. 24, which killed 30 and wounded more than 100 city residents.

The Security Service of Ukraine press center reported to Censor.NET that the SBU counterintelligence detained two citizens of Ukraine Jan. 28 and 29, born in 1962 and 1965, who were involved in the terrorist act.

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It was found that one of the offenders, nicknamed Kora, was a henchman of artillery controller 'traffic police officer' Kirsanov, detained by the SBU a few hours after the shelling of houses in Mariupol. The militant 'Kora' delivered weapons to Mariupol from militants-controlled territories following the instructions of the leader of one of the gangs of the so-called 'Army of Novorossia", a repeated offender known as 'Terrorist' in criminal circles.

оружие сбу террористы

While arresting 'Kora', SBU have seized a crop of weapons: three RPG-26 and RPG-18 rocket launchers, RPG-7 antitank rocket launcher with ammunition, several grenades, a Kalashnikov assault rifle and a large quantity of ammunition to it.

оружие сбу террористыоружие сбу террористы

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According to the second detainee, he was recruited by militants' chieftain nicknamed Sergei more than a month ago and was given the task to collect intelligence on the Ukrainian forces' movement and positions, the location of checkpoints as well as search for vulnerable points for artillery strikes and submit their exact locations. In addition, he was instructed to gather information on government-supporting local residents.

The investigative actions within criminal proceedings are currently underway.

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