Seven children of Russian woman accused of high treason for calling Embassy of Ukraine might be taken away from her husband. PHOTO

Anatoly Gorlov, the husband of the arrested on charges of high treason Svetlana Davydova from the city of Viazma in the Smolensk region of Russia risks having his children removed from his custody. The regional guardianship and education department has accused him of leaving his flat with seven kids unattended.

As reported by Censor.NET, Gorlov told in interview to Radio Svoboda. Ms. Davydova's husband went to Moscow in search for a lawyer for his wife and instructed his sister and grandmother to look after the children. He said that once he left his hometown, he had a call from his sister saying that the guardianship authorities came to their home supposedly to record the absence of Gorlov. Father of seven children fears that in future this may be the ground for administrative action, for instance, filing of guardianship of children.

Svetlana Davydova was recommended to find another lawyer by the human rights activist Zoya Svetova after her current defender refused to appeal against her arrest. "She is holding up well, but in a state of stress, as she was tore off her baby daughter, who is two and half months old. She has breast milk. She pumps it out. There is no hot water in her prison cell. In general, all of this together is very difficult for her," Svetova said after visiting Davydova in custody.

Earlier Censor.NET reported that FSB accused Viazma resident, mother of seven children of high treason in favor of Ukraine.


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