After the “Boeing” was shot down, an official in Putin administration wrote about replacement of “Buk” commanders. DOCUMENT

Four days after the crash of Malaysia Airlines Boeing over the Donetsk region, deputy head of Department of Internal Policy of the Presidential Administration of Russia Timur Prokopenko wrote a note about replacement of crews of Buk missile systems.

Как сообщает Цензор.НЕТ, это следует из личной переписки и записей, обнародованных хакерской группировкой "Анонимный интернационал", также известной как "Шалтай Болтай". "Финансирование войны, использование адресных ньюсмейкеров, украинские вбросы, анализ заявлений с четверга: Порошенко, Бук с 2-мя ракетами. Командиры и расчетной состав буков заменены", - написал он в заметке для себя (орфография сохранена). Хакеры добавили, что эта запись была сделана "после совещания о том, как "правильно" освещать трагедию с малайзийским боингом".

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"We however were somewhat puzzled by the phrase "Commanders and crews of Buks replaced." We don't think this was mentioned in public domain or during the investigation. What commandeers and crews does Timur Valentinovich know about?" members of "Anonymous International" added. Hackers have published the total of 1.3 GB of letters and notes written by Prokopenko. The official's job is to coordinate paid publications in mass media and blogs. Particularly, well-known pro-Putin activist Kristina Potupchik sends him her articles for approval. Prokopenko himself attends meetings in Presidential Administration on the subject of coverage of events in mass media.

Censor.NET reported earlier that the BUK missile which downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was brought from Kursk.


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