Russian mercenary Anton Banshchikov: "Luhansk is being betrayed to Ukraine. Russian Federal Security Service, which totally supervised us, is silent". PHOTOS

"Luhansk People's Republic (LPR)" is coming to an end. Today, it is actually seized by a private military company commanded by Wagner. Local "authorities" betray "militia" fighters to mercenaries, while the Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing for full-scale offensive.

This was posted by Anton Banshchikov, mercenary from Kopeysk, Russia, who has been fighting for the terrorist enclave since July 2014, in an interview to Znak.com, Censor.NET reports.

Here are some excerpts of his revelations:

"Perseverance of the "militiamen", the overwhelming majority of whom is comprised by volunteers from Russia and Crimea, was "rewarded according to merit" in early January: by the order of "LPR" authorities, the brigade was disarmed, their commander arrested, and the soldiers were locked up in jail."

"The situation is absolutely weird. Russian volunteers wounded in fightings for "Novorossia" are deported to Russia even with minor injuries. These soldiers never return to Luhansk again. For reference, according to the latest data, 64% of the fighters are volunteers from Russia. What awaits Luhansk if all of them go away? I think that "LPR authorities" directly follow the order of Petro Poroshenko, the President of Ukraine, "to destroy all training and combat formations in the area of the anti-terrorist operation."

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"On Jan. 10, the base of 'Odesa' separate special brigade in Krasnodon was surrounded by unknown men. They put out 19 tanks, a bunch of Vystrel armored vehicles, three IFVs, Cornet anti-tank missile systems, trench mortars, snipers, machine gunners. Only due to the SSB commander, who entered into negotiations with those who had surrounded us, no blood was shed. It was decided that the Odesa SSB would voluntarily go at full strength under the authority of the "Luhansk People's Police". Alexey Fomichev (commander of the Odesa brigade - ed.) personally brought it to his subordinates' notice. On the drawing-up, they were ordered to hand in their weapons and ammunition for making an inventory. All soldiers executed the order without reservation."

армия луганск рф россии агрессия оккупанты наемник
"The same evening, Fomichev was taken off the base, ostensibly to resolve questions of the parties. The next day there appeared a video in the Internet, in which the commander of the "Odesa" was beaten. Within an hour, the video was removed. They did not stand on ceremony with us either. After the commander was taken off the base, some armed men entered the territory and began to command as if they were at home. On the same day, all weapons, military equipment and part of vehicles were removed from the base. However, in fact, they were looking for material goods and money, it was outright looting. After the search, all soldiers were sent to jail. They were kept without any charges there for three days, then released. All the documentation, material goods and vehicles were expropriated by the fighters of Wagner."

"The government of the Republic betrays it to Ukraine, as I see it. And this is now confirmed by sources in the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB). Not directly, through an intermediary. And yes, we were totally supervised by the FSB. Any action of the brigade had been previously discussed in Moscow."

армия луганск рф россии агрессия оккупанты наемник
"How do civilians manage to live with all this? Somehow they do, although I do not know how they can put up with these "authorities." The markets are packed with "humanitarian aid" from Russia. They send us "humanitarian aid", and this is the only help for both us and civilians, but it reaches neither of us, sinking into the pockets of thieves from local authorities. But if Russia loses Luhansk, Donetsk will be defeated, too. They say Ukraine is all hungry for war with Russia, as many people are demanding formal declaration of war."

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p320897