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 Volunteers presented ATO soldiers with unique amenities vehicle. PHOTOS

Volunteers from Zhovti Vody, the Dnipropetrovsk region, have presented a unique amenities vehicle based on Ural truck to soldiers of the Ukrainian Army.

The Ministry of Defense informs, Censor.NET reports.

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The vehicle has showers, a built-in laundry machine, a system of autonomous water supply for 700 liters, a built-in power generator, systems of water delivery to a pomp and outside water extraction, as well as outdoor lighting.


The amenities vehicle is all-terrain and can operate on either firewood or electricity.


In addition to the amenities vehicle, the volunteers presented the soldiers with a repaired armored fighting vehicle, two cars, and many other useful loads from the city community.

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Meanwhile, students from local educational complex #6 picked up the torch of helping the ATO participants. They, together with their teachers and other complex staff are producing scrims of winter style for the soldiers.


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