Russian Orthodox Church priest fights along the Russian terrorists in the Donbas. PHOTOS

Russian orthodox Christians might be very much surprised if they learnt how one of the priests from St. Petersburg decided to check whether the commandments really work by breaking the 'thou shalt not kill' one.

This was posted on the 'Coin collector proceedings' blog, Censor.NET reports.

There is a church of Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin church in St. Petersburg.
война оккупанты церковь

There is a priest there named Artemii, his secular name Artem Yegurnii.

война церковь оккупанты

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война церковь оккупанты

According to the blogger, the priest decided to check what happens if a person breaks one of the commandments, whether the Lord punishes or not. He picked the 'thou shalt not kill' one and went to Donbas to break it, for killing Ukrainians has become a trendy hobby in Russia, the blogger notes sarcastically.

война церковь оккупанты

Here, the priest can be seen on a picture with a gun in Luhansk, Ukraine.

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война церковь оккупанты

The blogger wonders how would the Patriarch Kirill of Moscow react to this fact.

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