Bodies of killed soldiers, aka cargo-200, keep coming from Donbas to Russia: militant nicknamed Peter buried in St. Petersburg. PHOTOS

Another Russian militant nicknamed Peter was buried in Bogoslovkiy cemetery in St. Petersburg. Volunteer Nikolai died on Jan. 16 in Donbas. His funeral was held two days later in his native St. Petersburg.

The burial ceremony took place without journalists on Jan. 18, Censor.NET reports citing Novyi Region.

Presumably, the Russian volunteer was killed in the Donetsk vicinity. As reported by St. Petersburg medium Telegraph, this is not the first time when a St. Petersburg resident killed in Donbas is returned home as cargo-200.
армия рф террористы оккупанты

Earlier, 18-year-old terrorist machine gunner Evgeniy Pushkarev was buried in Kronshtadt. In another case, bodies of two Russian mercenaries arrived to St. Petersburg, who had been shot dead from a tank in the area of ​​Sloviansk, the Donetsk region. According to information from social networks, St. Petersburg remains constant 'supplier' of volunteers to Donbas. The city has an extensive network of recruitment of former soldiers, most of whom served in the military units of Pskov, Russia.

As reported earlier, Russian human rights activist Elena Vasilyeva, who is investigating the participation of Russian troops in the Donbas war, said that over the past three days, the Russian army lost 382 soldiers killed and 500 wounded in intense fighting in Donbas. In total, up to 6,242 Russian soldiers were killed or went missing in Ukraine since the beginning of the war. "I'm scared to write these figures. Over the past three days, the Russian army had huge losses. 382 persons - Special Forces, Marines, paratroopers. Up to 500 people wounded. Apparently, there are much more wounded there. But we do not have access to full reports of wounded from Russia," she said. Vasilyeva also confirmed that the Russian side stopped to collect and sort out parts of bodies at battlefields. "The remains are delivered in morgues of Donetsk, warmed up, straightened, wrapped in cellophane and wrapping tape, loaded in KamAZ convoy trucks, and sent to Russia. I repeat, these are just the whole bodies," she wrote.

армия рф террористы оккупанты

Russian terrorist nicknamed Peter was killed on Jan. 16 in the vicinity of Donetsk. His funeral was held two days later in his native St. Petersburg. The funeral took place without journalists.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p320633