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 Volunteer soldier Oleksii Durmasenko, who died in Pisky village, buried in Kyiv. VIDEO+PHOTO

Volunteer soldier Oleksii Durmasenko (callsign Dynamo), who died near the village of Pisky on Dec. 29, was buried on the Avenue of Heroes at the Lisovyi cemetery in Kyiv.

He came to visit some fellow soldiers, when the militants attacked the checkpoint. Dynamo rushed into battle without body armor and died on the spot, Censor.NET reports citing Channel 5.

Oleksii Durmasenko worked as a landscape designer. When Maidan protests started, he left his prestigious job in Moscow and moved to Kyiv, taking an active part in the protests. He volunteered for the Ukrainian army and went to the Donbas.

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His brothers-in-arms say that he always was a desperate fighter, always capable of heroism and eager to go to the frontline. Shortly before his death, Oleksii and two fellow soldiers hoisted a Ukrainian flag on the new terminal of the Donetsk airport.


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