Russian Major admitted he had sent his men to Donbas on orders from high commanders - The Telegraph. PHOTO

Russian military units received orders to send their soldiers to Donbas from higher command.

This is reported by The Telegraph, which posted a story of Anton Tumanov, one of the Russian soldiers killed in Donbas, Censor.NET informs citing Ukrainska Pravda.

Tumanov was killed on Aug. 13 in Snizhne by gunfire from a Grad multiple rocket launcher. "Why could we not let the people of Ukraine solve their problems by themselves? Why, if the government sent Anton there, why cannot they admit it and tell what happened to him?" Tumanov's mother outraged.

Tumanov officially died "while on duty" at "the temporary location site of the military unit 27777". This unit is part of the 18th Motorized Brigade based in Chechnya. His death certificate, signed in Rostov on Aug. 18, states that he has died of "wounds caused by a blast," while the cause of injuries "is not determined."

Tumanov's mother said that she had talked with a major from the Chechnya military unit by phone. He confirmed that Tumanov was killed in Ukraine, but the military refused to provide any details. According to the major, the order "had been given verbally by higher command."

As Tumanov himself told before his death, he was sent to the Rostov region on the border with Ukraine in mid-July "for military exercises." Later, he told his girlfriend Nastya Chernova that he traveled to Ukraine to accompany arms and military equipment convoys.

On Aug. 10, he called his mom and said, "Tomorrow they send us to Donetsk. We will help the local police." The next day he told his mother, "We surrender our documents and phones. They gave us two grenades and 150 rounds each." A few hours later, he wrote on his page on VKontakte: "Surrendered the phone, going to Ukraine." According to Tumanov's comrade in arms, they crossed the border with Ukraine on Aug. 11 and Aug. 12.

"And on Aug. 13 at noon their convoy came under attack, in which Anton died. At this point, we were in Ukraine, in Snizhne," Tumanov's comrade wrote to the mother of the killed soldier.

In addition, the newspaper quotes Tumanov's girlfriend that in telephone conversations Tumanov denied that he had volunteered. "Anton was not a volunteer. He did not want to go to Ukraine to fight and kill people. He did not possess that kind of aggression", she said.

Let us remind that in late August, member of Russian Presidential Council on Human Rights Ella Polyakova sent a request to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation about circumstances of the death of 13 soldiers of the 18th Motorized Rifle Brigade. It has not been reported whether the request had been satisfied.

At the same time, a request to provide information about circumstances of the death of 39 Russian soldiers was sent to the Ministry of Defense by Dmitry Gudkov, the member of Russian Duma. The ministry refused to provide the requested information citing the "personal data" legislation.

Russian officials insist that only volunteer Russian citizens participate in the fighting in the east of Ukraine. "All the people who fulfill their duty by the call of their hearts, or those that voluntarily take part in any hostilities, including in the south-east of Ukraine, are not mercenaries as they are not paid for that," President Vladimir Putin said at a press conference in December 2014, responding to a question about participation of the Russian military in the battles in the Donbas.

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