None of evidences that Malaysian Boeing 777 was downed by Russian terrorists with Buk missile have been refuted - blogger. PHOTOS

After nearly six months since the crash of Malaysian Boeing 777 in the sky of Donbas, which killed 298 people, none of the evidence that the plane was shot down by terrorists near Torez with a Russian Buk has been refuted. And now it can be asserted with confidence that we know how the airplane was taken down.

This was announced by widely-known blogger Anatolii Vorobei on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.
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"As many of you have probably read, a few days ago Dutch media published an interview with photographer who took the famous picture of the trail from Buk missile launch, which had been actively discussed and argued about six months ago.

"From this interview with the photographer, it was best known, to my relief, that he was no longer on "DPR"-controlled territory (Donetsk People's Republic). Frankly, I was afraid for his life, especially after a spirited information front fighter had figured his name, twitter account and personal website (it's not so hard to do) and tried to spread it around. Secondly, it turned out that back in summer, he gave his camera to the Dutch investigators, and they recorded a three-hour interview with him. The Dutch experts also repeated geolocation of the photo and came to the same results that we have already known since the end of July.

"It is especially interesting that the experts find indirect confirmation in the fact that northeastern edge of the wheat field began to stand out in a two-week window, including the day of MH17 disaster. Compare the two satellite images in the report, dated July 5 and 21 (photos 26 and 27).

"This is exactly the place where journalists of "The Telegraph" had found scorched earth.

"Thirdly, it appears that there were two more pictures taken by the photographer at the same time, one showing the smoke from the fallen aircraft and the other aimed at the column of smoke from the rocket launch, just like the "main" photo; however, it was taken with smaller zoom, so that the view is much wider, and the launch trail is far less visible, as taken from a further distance:


"In this picture we see clouds in the sky near the town of Torez, which were not visible on the "main" picture, causing much controversy. May I remind that we were able to clarify that because of the angle and focal length, the sky that we see in the "main" picture is far to the southeast from the photographer and from the trail of smoke, in the territory of Russia, and the sky above Torez never got in the picture frame).

"You may also see a post from Igor Petrov, in which he restores probable actions of the photographer bound to real timing.

"So yes, all of this new information (the second picture, cloudiness, time stamps) adds a little more confidence that the photo is genuine and was taken after the rocket launch aimed at the Boeing. However, it does not change much of our confidence, which has been quite high since the end of July. Despite the fact that I have been involved in long discussions regarding weather, watchtowers, width of the pillar of smoke and so on - all of this was important to be discussed in details - from the very beginning it was very difficult to provide a realistic scenario of how this picture could be fake.

"Too many coincidences with other evidence, too little time and information to fake a photo if desired to. Unfortunately, most people dismiss evidence that they do not like, announcing it "SBU fake," and do not even try to think or analyze what should be known in order to timely fraud a "fake" consistent with all the facts. This doesn't ever come to their minds. And with that particular photograph, any analysis will very quickly prove that fake is almost implausible.

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"Five days after the crash of the Boeing, on July 22, there have already been enough accordant and mutually reinforcing evidences of different types from different unrelated sources to make the version of Russian Buk near Torez pretty certain, and its refutation next to impossible, though requiring exceptional evidence.

"It has been six months since then, but there was no significant change. Russian media have launched a number of very absurd falsehoods. A few more "modest" evidence of the version with Russian Buk has been found. A likely (in my opinion, "likely", not "definite") connection of the Russian Buk picture with photos of convoy of the 53rd Air Defense Brigade from Kursk, Russia has been found as well.

"And all those small things. But the real picture remains the same as it was on July 22. Neither one of the evidence in favor of Russian Buk near Torez version has been refuted till now. And now we can finally state with confidence that we know how the Malaysian Boeing was taken down," Anatolii Vorobei says.

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