Another explosion in Kharkiv: famous activist and volunteer's store aimed. VIDEO+PHOTO

Another explosion blasted in Kharkiv at night of Dec. 25 on Rymarska street.

Social media users informed about the accident, Censor.NET reports.

According to the data from social media, the explosion occurred in a furniture store on Rymarska street.

The Kharkiv Interior Ministry Dept. press service confirmed the information.

The police was informed about the accident by people from a neighboring house. Investigative group arrived to the site. According to preliminary information, the explosion blew the windows out but caused no casualties.

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'People's Front' MP Anton Herashchenko commented: "I was called a minute ago by Kharkiv patriots, they told me the news of another terrorist act.

"An hour ago, there was an explosion at 3/5 Rymarska street, near the 'Mill Wood' furniture store, which belongs to Viacheslav Duda, Kharkiv "Public Watch" member, volunteer helping ATO participants.

"Thanks God, there are no casualties. The explosion blasted the windows and damaged one of the building's walls. Investigative groups of Interior Ministry and SBU are working on the site.

"This explosion will be qualified as terrorist act aimed at destabilizing the situation in Kharkiv, creation of fear atmosphere and tomorrow's uncertainty.

"But those who ordered, organized, and enacted the terrorist act will not succeed. Mr. Duda will keep helping to strengthen the security and defense of Ukraine. As one of his friends said, Viacheslav could not be scared by this explosion. He will give his life for Ukraine if needed. Kharkiv is Ukraine!"

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