Russia supplied Donbas terrorists with 402 armored vehicles, 256 tanks, 138 Grads, five Buks and four Tochka-U in past 45 days alone. Infographics

The National Security Council unveiled what the Russian convoys are really bringing to the Donbas.

The infamous "humanitarian" convoys from Russia attracted media attention worldwide. Their purpose is diverting attention from the real convoys which cross the uncontrolled areas of the Ukrainian border daily, the information center of the NSDC states, according to Censor.NET.

The Information and Analysis Center of the National Security Council publishes intelligence data regarding the continuous stream of military convoys supplying manpower and heavily arms to the terrorists. The data shows the number of equipment that crosses the Russian-Ukrainian border in areas that are not controlled by Ukraine or monitored by the OSCE.

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The greatest number of convoys illegally crossed the border at Izvaryne crossing point (the Luhansk region). The convoys also seep through the area around Korolivka, Korolivka-Propast, some were seen in villages Diakove and Yesaulivka, all in the Luhansk region. There are also several areas of illegal entry in the Donetsk region at Mariupol direction and they pass through Maksymiv and Veseloye-Voznesenka in Russia and Uspenka crossing point. The convoys also come in deep into the Donbas through villages of Dmytrivka and Dubrovka.

None of the above border line villages or crossing points is controlled by Ukraine or monitored by the OSCE. The OSCE monitoring mission mandate has been limited by only two Russian crossing points on the Russian-Ukrainian state border - Gukovo and Donetsk. Moscow has repeatedly impeded the decision on the OSCE observing the entire border in the ATO area.

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According to the report, the equipment that has crossed the border includes 256 tanks, 138 Grad systems, 402 armored vehicles, 35 self-propelled guns, 42 artillery pieces, and five Buk missile systems. Aside from the military equipment, 1,903 trucks, 205 cars and minibuses, 20 buses with personnel, and 242 oil tankers illegally entered Ukraine from Russia.

In addition, the NSDC notes the transfer of four Tochka-U tactical missile complexes, four Uragan multiple rocket launchers, four Buratino thermobaric weapons systems, five Taran automated communications reconnaissance systems, several Rtut-BM electronic warfare complexes, and radar locator station.

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