New evidence proves that flight MH17 was downed by the terrorists. PHOTOS

Dutch journalists released new evidence that Boeing-777 of the Malaysian airlines was shot down from the territory controlled by the terrorists.

This includes three high-quality photos and interviews with an eyewitness of the explosion, who made these photos, Censor.NET reports citing Dutch media Rtlnieuws.nl.

All three photos were taken in the first minutes after the crash, not far from the place where it occurred. The first two pictures were previously published in low quality and the third photo has not been published previously and will not be made public for now.

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"I ran to the balcony, looked around, but saw nothing but a white trail in the air, which I photographed. At that moment I did not know what it was. I thought that it was just a white trail, which was gradually fading away and left the horizon up to the clouds. Only after a while it became clear what it was," the witness of the disaster, who talked to the Dutch journalists, says.

According to him, the photo indirectly confirms that the plane was shot down by a missile from the separatist-controlled territory.

"The pictures are indirect evidence. No other images are available, which show that it was a Buk system that launched something in this area. While everyone believes he/she is right, there is no other evidence," the witness says.

The first two images show a vertical flow, which stretches from the place where a missile may has been launched. In the third photo you can see a large black plume of smoke, probably from the crash.

крушение боинг

боинг крушение

Photo RTL News

The journalists talked with IT experts and determined that the photo is genuine with no signs of tampering.

In addition, former Air Force commander Theo Walker noted that it is "highly probable" that the trail on the photo "is a trail of an anti-aircraft missile launch."

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The journalists also asked the experts of the Satellite Company Netherlands Geomatics & Earth Oberservation (NEO) to provide satellite imagery from the place where the rocket was supposedly fired.

"On the images before the crash we see an ordinary field, and after a disaster we see a burnt spot," the NEO noted.

The pictures have been added to the evidence in the investigation. The witnesses interviewed by the Dutch journalists said that his photos were also added to the contents of the international commission investigating the accident.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p317723