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 Crimeans receive salary with "commemorative" coins of Russian annexation of Crimea. PHOTO

Crimeans’ salaries are paid with coins which immortalized Russian annexation of the peninsula. In particular, this type of money was recently used to pay the staff of Bakhchysaray Historical and Cultural Reserve.

This was stated by the Reserve's employees on the condition of anonymity, Censor.NET reports citing Krym.Realii.

The 10-ruble coins depict the peninsula with the date of "referendum" and "Swallow's Nest" famous castle in Yalta with the inscription: "Russian Federation" and "Republic of Crimea".

крым деньги оккупация монеты

The employees also complain that "instead of a Christmas bonus or "13th salary" as it was before, they were given a bare salary, even without the usual incentive bonuses."

"Thanks to these allowances, the salaries of employees of the Reserve reach the average for cultural profession, which the management boasts. But in the end, people received 1,500-6,000 rubles," the employees say.

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Earlier it was reported that Russia's Central Bank issued a commemorative coin dedicated to Crimea and Sevastopol's accession to Russia. In particular, the new coin of 10 rubles is made of steel plated with brass and galvanic and is issued in the amount of 10 million pieces.

In late February - early March 2014, unmarked Russian troops redeployed from Russia and the Crimean Black Sea Fleet bases occupied the Crimean peninsula.

On March 16, 2014 a so-called referendum on the status of the peninsula was held in Crimea and Sevastopol, and based on its results Russia integrated Crimea. Neither Ukraine nor the European Union or the United States recognized the voting and consider Crimea to be annexed by Russia.

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