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 "3 in 1": Scientists have presented Ukrainian servicemen miniature-tank, which may be used as scout, sapper, and shooter. PHOTO

Remotely controlled micro-tank is currently in service with one of the Armed Forces of Ukraine detachments. It was created by a group of enthusiastic scientists and engineers from Halychyna, Lieutenant Colonel Taras Hren’ said.

Ukrainian Defense Ministry western regional media center informed, Censor.NET reports.

"The possibilities of this dangerous shortie are pretty wide - it can be scout, sapper, and shooter. The caterpillars design allows the combat vehicle to overcome significant obstacles and blockages. The body is protected with modern armor. It is controlled remotely and protected from the Russian electronic interference devices," the statement reads.

минобороны танк

The vehicle is user and maintenance-friendly. Anybody can repair its chassis using conventional tools.

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This miniature combat vehicle has already gone through breaking-in and testing, and has already departed to the ATO area together with the subsequent detachment.

The servicemen thanked the scientists-volunteers for their help and assured that it would be easier to defeat the Russian invaders with the help of this armored scout.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p316900