Russian division of the 20th special brigade from Volgograd within Rostov group of invading forces. PHOTOS

In identifying Russian invasion forces deployed in the Rostov region, a division from the 20th Motorized Rifle Brigade of the Southern Military District, military unit 22220, place of permanent deployment Volgograd has been revealed.

As reported by Censor.NET, this is announced by investigative blogger Iraklii Komakhidze for InformNapalm.

армия рф оккупанты

армия рф оккупанты

"It should be noted that this is the first evidence confirming the presence of units of the 20th special brigade as part of the Rostov group. Based on the extracted information and photographs, a division of Volgograd Brigade was transferred to the Rostov region in October and is currently based in the Filippenkov farm area near the pontoon ferry across the river Siversky Donets of Kamensky district (this passage was found a little earlier. See link below.). It is estimated that the battalion tactical group is composed of infantry, tankmen, artillery, anti-aircraft gunners, intelligence and other support units," blogger said.

армия рф оккупанты
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армия рф оккупанты

армия рф оккупанты

Reference: the 20th Separate Motorized Infantry Brigade, military unit 22220 of the Southern Military District was formed in 2009 on the basis of the 20th Motorized Infantry Division, stationed in Volgograd. The brigade is completed by the mixed principle with both contractors and conscripts. In the past few years, a team was rearmed with new and upgraded models of weapons and equipment, including MSTA-S, Hosta, tanks T-90, BMP-3, Tiger armored vehicles, Tornado MLRS and its Grad modernizations, anti-aircraft Tor batteries.

армия рф оккупанты

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"Photography is not geotagged on purpose in order to complicate the task of the FSB-loyalists (ass lickers) so that they cannot clean pages after publication," Komakhidze said.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p316729