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 Cigarettes, camouflage uniforms, and army food found in Akhmetov’s “humanitarian aid” trucks. PHOTOS

Donbas battalion commander, MP Semen Semenchenko arrived to Velykonovoselky area where fighters of volunteer battalions detained more than 20 trucks with "humanitarian aid" from the Akhmetov Fund.

The lawmaker stated this on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

"We arrived at the scene of the blocked "humanitarian goods" of the Akhmetov Fund near Velykonovoselky. There are more than 20 trucks with regular soldiers' food: pasta, sunflower oil, crackers. There is also a vehicle packed with semolina 'baby food'," Semenchenko wrote.

"According to the soldiers of the Dnipro regiment, they detained vehicles with thermal underwear and camouflage uniforms. Dnipro soldiers are determined not to feed the terrorists until they release the prisoners of war. We went further to the "border," he added.

"People are really hungry and need help in the Ukrainian territory under the control of our army: Mariinka, Krasnohorivka, etc. Take care of them, if you are such 'philanthropists'," the commander said.

"When we inspected a car with cigarettes, a representative of Brusnychka shopping chain in Donetsk arrived to the scene and ingenuously confessed that this cargo is for their network," Semenchenko concluded.

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ахметов семенченко

ахметов семенченко

ахметов семенченко

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