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 New Bullet Attached to Investigation of Maidan Assassinations. People Were Shot Dead at Point Blank Range. General Prosecutor’s Office Still Has Not Collected All Evidence - Butusov. PHOTOS

A new bullet appeared in the case of the Nebesna Sotnia shooting. The General Prosecutor’s Office still has not collected all the evidence and interviewed all the witnesses.

Censor.NET Chief editor Yurii Butusov writes on his page.

"The article about the analysis of evidence of Nebesna Sotnia (the Heavenly Hundred) execution available to the investigation, which Censor.NET published, is on everyone's lips. The important witness contacted with Censor.NET editor's office. It was surgeon Andrii Lutsyk, who helped the man wounded on Maidan in the 17th city hospital Feb. 20. He operated on Maidan activist Vasyl Omelchenko, wounded on Instytutska Street. The bullet pierced Vasyl's flank went right through the soft tissues of the stomach and hit the elbow. Andrii saved the life of the wounded man and kept the withdrawn bullet hoping that it will raise interest of the law enforcement officers. The extraction of the bullet was documented and confirmed by witnesses. The doctor handed the bullet over to the editor's office when he learned from our article that the reasons of many ballistic wounds caused on the Maidan, when the bullets passed clear, are not established.

"I kept the bullet being sure that the investigators will call me in for questioning sooner or later as well as the victim, and then I will hand over the bullet. I understood that there were a large number of victims, and waited until someone contacts me. But no one did. It will soon be a year since the massacre took place and I decided to give it to Censor.NET to draw attention to the problem. I hope that the analysis of this bullet, which is in pretty good condition, will allow to reveal important additional details of the crime," Andrii Lutsyk commented on the transfer of evidence, Yurii Butusov writes.

евромайдан пуля

"According to the investigation, the main cause of the gunshot wounds inflicted on the Maidan is pump-action shotguns used by the Berkut. Also at least 25 Maidan activists were shot dead from assault rifles of 7.62 mm caliber. The executioners' accuracy is explained by the fact that the Berkut executioners were shooting people at close range. The footage of murder of Bohdan Solchanyk and other victims shows that they were fired at from a very short distance - less than a hundred meters," the journalist writes.

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"The analysis showed that the Berkut company commander Sadovnik and two other Berkut officers were firing at people. Sadovnik had been released by judge Volkova, and he escaped. But the other two killers are in custody. The experts say they can prove their involvement. Unfortunately, the appeal of Andrii Lutsyk shows that the investigation is conducted not very responsibly and the Prosecutor General's Office does not pay enough attention to the disclosure of one of the most monstrous crimes of Yanukovych regime," Butusov states.

евромайдан пуля

"If someone still has bullets or fragments of bullets from Maidan, please, do not keep them home as souvenirs. It is time to hand over all the evidence and attach it to the case," the journalists urges, adding that Censor.NET will not allow the pieces of evidence to be lost.

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