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 Dnipro Battalion Will Not Allow Providing Food to Terrorists Until They Liberate POWs – Command. PHOTOS

"Every day trucks with food from Ukraine go to the Donbas for the separatists not to starve to death."

Deputy Commander of the Dnipro-1 Battalion Valentin Manko wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"While the authorities are busy sharing the government seats, our prisoners freeze and starve in Donetsk. Nobody cares about them. We have deputized power to these people hoping that they will think about us. Yet, we see that we delegated power to ordinary thieves who only think about their profit and do not give a damn about the people!!! Therefore, we are starting to act ourselves.

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"Every day trucks with food from Ukraine go to the Donbas for the separatists not to starve to death. From now on they will not feed you, Mr. Zakharchenko, until you liberate our people, as agreed earlier. And our plan works perfectly. We give you the food and you give us the prisoners. This way we rescued six people, our buddies, yesterday.

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"Just imagine. Every day a strange Renat Akhmetov's humanitarian convoy delivers around 20 trucks with food, thermal underwear, and warm clothes to Donetsk. What does it mean? Are you helping the separatists? What does our government and law enforcers think? Isn't it financing of the terrorists? It is illegal! So, Renat Leonidovych, we will not let your trucks pass. Not one truck with food will get to Donetsk until you return us all our guys!" Manko writes.

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