Volunteers from Zaporizhia to Send Armored Vehicle to Soldiers in ATO Zone. PHOTOS

It took two weeks for volunteers to turn the cash-in-transit car with Italian armor of the fifth level of protection into combat ‘Khomiachok’ (little hamster)

The cash-in-transit car was previously standing in one of the garages in Zaporizhia for six years, Censor.NET reports citing nvua.net.

It took more than three thousand dollars and two weeks of labor to turn the CIT van into the 'Combat Hamster'.

Zaporizhia experts have replaced the car's chassis, rebuilt the engine, strengthened and solidly covered the fuel tank, changed the interior, painted in camouflage colors and named it Khomiachok - the local newspaper Z-city writes.

"The vehicle's special armored steel resists hits of the 5.45 caliber rounds which leave only slight scratches on it," the newspaper writes.

Aside of reconnaissance tasks, the armored van can be used as an ambulance or a shield to cover other vehicles.

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бронеавтомобиль хомячок

бронеавтомобиль хомячок

бронеавтомобиль хомячок

бронеавтомобиль хомячок
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