Evidence of participation of Russian army in Donbas war was found by hackers on servers of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. DOCUMENT

Volunteers of Ukrainian cyber troops, coordinated by programmer Eugene Dokukin, have published the first part of the information from the servers of Russia’s Interior Ministry, hacked in October 2014.

This is reported by Censor.NET citing InformNapalm.

An archive of the documentation of total volume 1.78 GB has been uploaded to open access file sharing websites. The complete information received by the hackers can be downloaded here Disc Google or Ex.UA.

Within considerable amount of information from the Russia's Interior Ministry there are materials that confirm participation of military and law defense agencies of RF in the war in the Eastern Ukraine. This war is dubbed "civil" by Russian propaganda, although de facto the terrorists' actions in the Donbas region are strictly coordinated and sponsored by the Russian secret services.

One of operational reports about emergency situations dated Aug. 26, 2014, and addressed to Director of Central Administration of MIA of RF in the Rostov region, Major General Larionov A.P states:

"On Aug. 25, 2014, at 3:50 p.m., privates of the military unit 51182 Polstiankin M.V., Volgin O.Yu., Alekseev Yu.A., and Gerasimenko A.A. received wounds while being on duty in fighti with Ukrainian National Guard troops 10 km to North-West from Prognoy village of the Tarasovky district of the Rostov region. The privates serve at military unit No.51182, city of Millerovo. On Aug. 25, 2014 the injured were transferred by army helicopter Mi-8 of Russian Federation to the military station hospital in Rostov."

документ оккупанты
A PDF-file of the given report can be downloaded here.

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As seen on the map, 10 km North-West from Prognoy village is Ukrainian territory, quite remote from the border. Thus, the Russians got into action and were injured at the Ukrainian territory.документ карта

The documents from the MIA server included information of the Russian side losses in wounded. A report "Information on status of injured delivered from Ukraine by Sept. 27, 2014" a figure of 237 persons is mentioned. Information of the two injured servicemen accompanied by security of the Federal Intelligence Bureau of Russian Federation is of special interest.


A PDF-file of the given report can be downloaded here.

Another interesting document is a report to the Deputy Director of Interior Ministry of RF in the Rostov region Shchur A.A., reading:

"In fulfillment of instructions of Interior Ministry of RF in the Rostov region No.503 dated Aug. 27, 2014, aiming at prevention of transfer of arms and ammunition from Ukraine within the territory of the Rostov region, 13 special task military mobile units have been formed by Interior Ministry of RF in the Rostov region, positioned in proximity to exits to highways M-4 Don and M-23 within the Rostov region."

This information means that militants with weapons cannot travel back to Russia, and in fact, Russian military agencies have created a one-way street, letting the terrorists go to Ukraine but prohibiting them to go back. Apparently, Kremlin occupation administration indeed have fear of a weapons backflow to Russia and armed risings that can come happen on the Russian territory.


A file of the document can be downloaded here.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p315386