Battle in Grozny: Fighters for Ichkeria Independence Eliminated 70 Kadyrov’s Militants. PHOTOS

Clashes between the fighters for independence of Ichkeria and the Kremlin punitive forces took place in the Chechen capital Grozny Thursday night.

According to official information, 10 Kremlin occupants were killed and 28 injured in action as of Thursday noon, Censor.NET reports citing Radio Liberty.

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The Publishing House was completely destroyed during the battle in Grozny. Kadyrov's "Berkat" shopping mall also burned down.

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Media reported that fierce fighting was under way near the city school #20. The school caught fire through the use of armored vehicles' weapons and flame throwers.

According to Kavkaz Center news agency, up to 70 Kadyrov's mercenaries were killed during night clashes.

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