We Cannot Allow Theft or Sale of Canadian Aid to Ukrainian Army - Butusov. PHOTOS

Countries providing assistance to the Ukrainian army, in particular Canada, want to be sure that the aid reaches its destination. Ukraine, in turn, should ensure full transparency of aid and supplies distribution and prevent the theft and sale of any items.

This was stated by Censor.NET editor-in-chief Yurii Butusov on his Facebook page after meeting with Canadian military attaché Pierre Saint-Cyr and representatives of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, headed by Deputy Minister Petro Mekhed.


"The first batch of Canadian aid to the army has arrived, and soon the main bulk of the cargo, as well as part of the aid from Germany will come, too. Canada and our western partners are concerned about the main issue - for the clothes and shoes to actually get to those in combat units on the front line, and not the rear area. The Defense Ministry is currently worried about losing things in transit. And my opinion is:

"First - [we have to] prevent theft and sale of any items provided by Canada. Canadian aid [being sold] in the street markets would be tantamount to defeat in the information war.

Second - [we have to] ensure full transparency of supplies distribution and demonstrate to our friends in Canada that their aid has promptly reached combat units in the ATO area at the front line," Butusov noted.

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In his view, the aid should be directed primarily to the military units on the front line - under the responsibility of the company, battalion, and brigade commanders.

"Feedback - photos, reports of volunteers from these units, a hotline for military personnel. Yes, let there be dozens of photos. I would make public reports, how much each unit receiveв. There is no military secret in the names of these units.

"At the front I would create a supply base, logistics center, and supply those units that are going directly to the front line with everything necessary. Only those who perform combat missions in the ATO area. It is better to keep a spare set of uniforms for those who are at the forefront than equipping "escapists" and draft dodgers, who are a threat for the donated uniforms ending up for sale. It is necessary to provide specific commanders, who have a reputation, not abstract military units," Butusov emphasized.


"The photo shows the volume of the first batch of assistance from our Western allies.

"Thank you, friends! Canada does not just help - it pushes the aid, it demands more prompt action from the Ukrainian officials.

"A low bow to Canada and the Canadian diaspora. There are no words that could express the appreciation and the significance of the assistance provided by Canada - a real stronghold of the Ukrainian influence in the world, our authorized representative. God willing, we would one day be able to repay at least in part for the kindness and attention generously given to us by the Canadians. With such sincere and selfless friends we are bound to win," Butusov summed up.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p314902