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 "Necessity Is Mother of Invention": Ukrainian Volunteers Developed High-Precision Tracking Devices - Presidential Advisor. PHOTOS

The Ukrainian volunteers have invented a tracking device dozens of which have already been installed at the Donetsk airport.

Censor.NET reports citing Facebook page of president's adviser Yurii Biriukov.

"Once upon a time one khuilo told about the possibility of buying weapons and uniforms in any "Voientorg" military shop. The volunteers accepted the challenge, but since our Voientorg military shops system has fallen off the edge of the earth - we came to a usual electronic store, for it isn't worth the effort to bother us Ukrops (Ukrainians)," he wrote.

According to him, the volunteers always invent unconventional methods of solving problems.

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"Necessity is the mother of invention: a camera with 36-fold zoom, two batteries, wi-fi bridge, and a laptop. There are dozens of these devices installed in the Donetsk airport already and they give a full panoramic image. The range of the motion identification is up to one and a half kilometers, the range of sustainable target identification is up to 800 meters. There are also infrared searchlights (we have switched built-in camera lights off), and also... well, we will not tell about that one so far. It is a part of precision-guided weapon after all. The fire adjustment is now conducted not by 'peering out' - one can watch the perimeter sitting in a safe bunker. And how many positive emotions it gives, how many eliminated terrorists, defeated shelters, mortars, automatic grenade launchers, snipers," Biriukov said.


In addition, he noted that such devices will be extremely useful in the Ukrainian army for observation points, checkpoints, and ambushes.


"Relatively inexpensive and incredibly effective solution - there is no need now to put an observer during the fire, risking his life. Dear colleagues, you are welcome to join in!" Biriukov wrote.


"Three volunteers, the Armed Forces officer and the officer of the SBU were decorated with the orders for their inventive power performed accomplishing this task. Special thanks to the National Security Council speaker for the exact name of this operation," he added.

Biriukov provided the following details for all who want to help:

5168 7572 3217 4575 Yurii Biriukov

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