SBU Counterintelligence Neutralized Subversive Group Preparing Attack on Mariupol. PHOTOS

The SBU Counterintelligence officers neutralized dangerous subversive reconnaissance group that was part of the illegal armed group called SVAT and was preparing a terrorist attack on the city of Mariupol.

Censor.NET reports citing the SBU press service.

According to the agency, the SBU counterintelligence task force detained two citizens of Ukraine - the militants with call signs Pios (the dog) and Runich during successful combat raid.

"Their associate - the member of the same subversive group with call sign Dzhygit was also detained in Kharkiv the same day. As part of the group, Dzhygit discharged functions of Igla antitank guided weapon gunner-director and a scout. He collected information about the Ukrainian troops' positions including artillery crews. The terrorists committed precise shelling using his position data," the statement reads.

The Security Service officers seized a large arsenal of firearms and ammunition from the militants, particularly the AKMS Kalashnikov assault rifle with under barrel grenade launcher, RPG -22 missile launcher, grenades of various types, TNT blocks, and cartridges of various calibers: "the saboteurs were carrying four sets of the Russian Federation Armed Forces uniforms about them."


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According to the detainees, all members of the group acquired skills in a training camp in Russia. The militants have mastered sight shooting from machine gun, MANPAD, AK -74 Kalashnikov assault rifle, and under barrel grenade launchers in three weeks.


"Later, after 'weapons practice', the 'shooters' gained combat experience in the ranks of the so-called "Army of Novorossia" in the Luhansk region. They also went through disguise, sabotage, and city combat schools on the territory of one of the military bases of Crimea. The group's objective was the organization of the military attack on the city of Mariupol. The saboteurs were exposed and neutralized through counterintelligence activities during preparation for the implementation of their criminal intentions. The terrorists' plans to capture the city were disrupted," the SBU noted.


The urgent investigative actions are conducted under the Article 258-3 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p314612