"It’s Russian World, Baby!": Queue of Thousands In Donetsk Waiting for Food Rations. PHOTOS

Thousands of people living in Makiivka city neighboring Donetsk stand in the cold for hours to get a field ration.

Zloy-odessit writes in his blog on LiveJournal, Censor.NET informs.

"The so-called Akhmetov's humanitarian aid started to be distributed among the residents of Makiivka in Donetsk. I should state with regret that there are three thousand people in the queue already. The people, who do not live in Makiivka, are from time to time trying to get into the queue fueling squabbles and fights," the blogger writes.

"Here is the desired Russian world - to wait in the cold for the 'benefactor' to throw a sop and this is just the beginning of a harsh winter. It would not be so comfortable to stand in such queues at -15 °C. Does a ration of miserable buckwheat pack worth freezing up one's legs? The prospect is not the best, but would they be able to realize it? But still, the example is indicative," zloy-odessit writes.

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донецк голод очередь

донецк голод очередь

донецк голод очередь

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