Russia trains militants and terrorists for the Donbas armed hostilities in a camp in the Rostov region. PHOTOS

Photos of militants and professional soldiers of the Russian Federation who are being trained in special camps for terrorist training in the Rostov region become available on the internet.

This was announced by blogger named Platon Chronograph in his article for InformNapalm, Censor.NET reports.

In fall, photos started to appear in social networks that confirm presence of training centers for militants in the Rostov region.

"In particular, a Russian citizen E., born in 1972, resident of Volgograd, who participated in the battles of Snizhne (the Donetsk region) in July 2014, posted a series of photos on his page showing life and living conditions in a training camp. First of all, one sees the flags of Russia, 'Novorossia', the Imperial flag and radical orthodox organization flags on the images," the blogger wrote.

армия рф лагерь оккупанты

In the camp, trainees live in army tents. Inside the tents, there are bunk beds made of wood, and meal tables.
армия рф лагерь оккупанты

The tents are heated with wood stoves.

армия рф лагерь оккупанты

Near the tents, there are mounted wash-stands, tables, and benches. Each tent is supplied with electricity via overhead line. The soldiers eat together outside at one table, using army tableware.

армия рф лагерь оккупанты

Orderly posts are located along the perimeter of the camp. The territory is equipped with fire extinguishing devices.

There is a shooting ground near the camp equipped with firing positions and targets for aimed shooting. For convenience, they use army blankets.

армия рф лагерь оккупанты

The weapons used for fire fight training are: Kalashnikovs with rifle-attached grenade launchers, Dragunov Sniper Rifles (Russian: "SVD"), Kalashnikov machine guns.

армия рф лагерь оккупанты

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"Another Russian citizen A., born in 1974, resident of the Belgorod region, posted a few pictures dated Oct. 6 on his social network account taken against the backdrop of a military camp with similar conditions. In both cases, presence of members of the regular army of the Russian Federation draws attention on these photos," Platon Chronograph emphasized.

армия рф лагерь оккупанты

In addition, some actual military servicemen of Russia also post photos taken at military camps stationed on the border with Ukraine.

армия рф лагерь оккупанты

"Thus, it can be concluded that creation and operation of such camps relate directly to Russia's Ministry of Defense. Photographed soldiers can hardly be considered contract military servicemen, but the presence of the regular army may indicate about financing from the Ministry of Defence. We can conclude with confidence that the facts presented in this article first of all prove the very existence of training centers for persons prepared to participate in illegal armed formations on the territory of Ukraine, as well as the direct participation of Russia in the armed conflict in Ukraine", the blogger summarized.

Earlier, the Security Service of Ukraine reported that Russia relocated training ground for terrorists from the Rostov region to the Donetsk region under the plan "Domino", to train terrorists directly on the territory of Ukraine.

Russia also reactivated its military aerodrome near Taganrog.

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