With Google maps, bloggers found new proof that Ukrainian territories were shelled from Russia. PHOTOS

Using renewed Google maps, bloggers were able to identify places from which the Russian army shelled Ukrainian territory and units.

Censor.NET reports citing blogger ravelin_by.

The full text is published below.

"It all started with this document. It turns out that Google has refreshed the Google Earth satellite maps of the territories where fighting is underway in the eastern Ukraine. The images show peaceful tractors located close to the border.

"I became very curious about what else could be found. And it turns out that quite a lot! I will give you a few examples, and will also provide links to the layer of Google Earth; otherwise we would have too many pictures in the post. And it is always better to see once with your own eyes....

"Here we go:

1)The famous "We were shelling Ukraine all nite" (yup, no mistake, it read exactly "nite," I saw it myself). This was probably the earliest evidence of shelling. One idiot posted pictures of his participation in shelling of the neighbouring state in Vkontakte (Russian social network). Where was he then?

армия рф оккупанты

There he was!

See enlarged map

2) 2nd classic shot, dated Sept. 14.

In GoogleEarth, the photo dated Aug. 1 looked like this.

армия рф оккупанты

Six guns, six tractors, one car with trailer, a passenger car, guns facing Ukraine, distance to the border is 4,700 meters.

3) The shelling was performed from the territory of Russia not only with cannon artillery, including self-propelled, but also from rocket launchers.

Sept. 14.

See enlarged map.

And what are those five dots? This is how they look on an image dated July 16.
армия рф оккупанты

Here we have a very convenient salient of the border, so the guys decided to bring "the firing toys" closer to the border. Distance to the border is 760 meters, with firing range of around 40 km.

For all firing positions, one can see craters in direction and within firing range of the guns used on the territory of Ukraine. To be honest, it is quite terrifying to look at the 2 km by 2 km square of the land which is all raptured with craters.

4) Field camps. Aug. 15, there are no earlier shots in 2014, distance to border crossing point Uspenka is 15 km.

See enlarged map.

Two camps on an image dated Aug. 15, distance to border crossing point Malinovka is six km, distance to country border is 1.5km, and second camp can be seen in the top right corner.

See enlarged map.

There is another field camp between border crossing point Gukovo and Dolzhanskoe, three km away from the border, and one more gigantic camp based at an old firing field south of town Shakhty, which area is around 1 sq.km.

If you impose the known firing positions with the fighting that happened on July 31, then this would look very logical.

армия рф оккупанты

Ukrainian Forces were fighting for the control of the state border; Russia's aim was not to allow that to happen. Ukrainian Forces were fighting for crossing points of Dolzhansky, Gukovo and Marinovka whilst being fired at from two sides. The firing from Russia didn't even get any fire response, so for them it was like being at a firing range.

Now for the links and how to use them:
1. Download GoogleEarth
2. Download the layer


One Drive (renewable)
3. Click at the downloaded layer, start the program, then choose what you want to see.
армия рф оккупанты

PS: special thanks to blog author ukraine@war, he is awesome with geolocation, some bits were taken from him.

PPS: just ask yourself, if Google has this, what could military satellites show?

Update: we've added positions of the artillery, close to a parking lot. For obvious reasons, the new layer will be accessible only via link on OneDrive.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p312493