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 "Daily Skirmishes Look Like a Working Day" - Cyborg from 95th Brigade Writes on Situation in Donetsk Airport. PHOTOS

A soldier of the 95th Brigade wishes a ‘good morning’ to everyone from the Donetsk airport

Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov posted a message from a soldier of the 95th Brigade on Facebook.

"The night has passed more or less quietly at the airport.

A tank was spotted at night. We have only heard its sound. The observation tower was shelled without losses. The terminals were not subjected to shelling. At the same time, the village of Pisky was twice shelled from MLRS Grad this night, as well as the observation tower," the serviceman writes.


"Our automatic grenade launcher squads were subjected to precision shelling in the evening inflicting concussion to one of our soldiers. A trip wire detonated a mine in the basement. We heard a scream of pain after that. It seems that the separatists suffered losses. There is a shoot-out from small arms at the moment. The artillery volleys can also be heard. Such skirmishes take place every day and usually calm down in the evening - it reminds me a 'working day'," he writes.

"We were shelled from Grad two days ago (twice that day with no losses). Pisky village has been mostly subjected to shelling for the last two days, for this is the only place where the delivery of food and ammunition is coming from. Besides, our artillery is deployed there, and not only artillery. There were no attempts to storm us. The separatists' sniper groups are active in the daytime.

The village of Pisky was shelled from AGS 17 automatic grenade launcher yesterday. We have one injured as a result," the soldier's letter reads.

He noted that the soldiers got accustomed to the conditions: "We eat and sleep. Having felt out of place for the first couple of days, we have now got used to the conditions. There is subzero temperature at night. We cope with it using hot water bottles which we have thanks to the volunteers."


"Speaking of acts of valor and heroes - I don't consider myself one. I am writing this not for fame or to hype myself (I want to avoid publicity). We have a common trouble and different approaches to it with plenty of opinions.

I write to you sincerely, without hypocrisy, and I write because I see the problems and several options to solve them. I think my words will reach the relevant offices through you," a soldier from the airport wrote.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p310422