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 Boy from NTV Shocking Fake Story Identified. Russian Propaganda Took Advantage of His Mental Illness. PHOTOS

пропаганда нтв ложь фейк

The boy used in the Russian propaganda channel NTV fake story called "The National Guard servicemen with syringes turned Donetsk boy into a target for missiles" has been identified.

Stanislav Petrov from Krasnyi Lyman in the Donetsk region disappeared Oct. 30, 2014 - three days before the story of the Russian channel NTV "the National Guard servicemen with syringes turned Donetsk boy into a target for missiles" was aired, Censor.NET reports citing gordon.ua.

пропаганда нтв ложь фейк

The 12-year-old Stanislav (Stas) Petrov, who appears in NTV fake story, is in Ukraine's police wanted list.

The Russian journalists' story showed that "the National Guard punishers" allegedly have beaten the boy's parents and ordered him to scout locations of the militants' checkpoints threatening his relatives with death.

The story also claimed that the Ukrainian soldiers wanted to make the boy a "human target" for missiles by staffing him with radio transmitters for artillery fire adjustment and drugging him up.

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"The boy's chance to find his parents alive is slim, but there is still room for miracle that he may be suddenly identified - someone will call us and he will be found" the story said.

It turned out that the 12-year-old Stas has been on the wanted list from Oct. 30. The boy disappeared three days before the story of NTV was shown.

The message saying that the boy is wanted was posted on the Interior Ministry website.

пропаганда нтв ложь фейк

However, the operational briefing of the Interior Ministry Department of Ukraine in Krasnoarmiisk district of the Donetsk region says that Stas disappeared Oct. 12. In addition, it is reported that the boy has "mild mental retardation" and he is inclined to vagrancy.

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