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 Volunteers Are Needed in Kyiv and Other Ukrainian Cities to Produce Scrims and Balaclava Masks. PHOTO

There is labor scarcity and shortage of premises, according to the volunteers’ community involved in production of scrims, camouflage suits, balaclavas, and cold-weather caps for Ukrainian military.

Volunteers told Censor.NET reporter about today's basic needs:

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- Premises are needed - people often work in cramped rooms or basements where there is not enough place to lay out all the materials;

- There is lack of people ready to web scrims and sew balaclava masks. For example, just a few people are occupied at one of the main points that produce scrims in Kyiv at 16 Obolon Avenue on weekdays;

- There should be an assembly line organized to sew caps, balaclavas, and other clothing for the soldiers. This work is currently fulfilled by individual seamstresses. In theory, the most efficient way to do this is to collaborate with dress-making and tailoring establishments ready to carry out orders for servicemen free of charge.

маскировочная сетка

Founder of the scrims producing community, Olesia Koriahina, assures that solving those issues would ensure masking materials for Ukrainian army production boost.

маскировочная сетка

The scrims production process has been organized in many cities of Ukraine. Those wanting to help or join the community are asked to contact the "scrims for the army made by volunteers" group on Facebook.

маскировочная сетка

маскировочная сетка

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