SBU Neutralized Subversive Group Preparing Attacks in Mariupol. PHOTOS

The Security Service detained sabotage and reconnaissance group in the Donetsk region of Ukraine that planned to carry out terrorist assaults in Mariupol using weapons and explosives.

Censor.NET reports citing the Security Service of Ukraine press service.

According to the report, the SBU counterintelligence officers detained the head of the group, known as Schumacher, born in 1970, on Oct. 25 in Mariupol.

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"It was established that the saboteurs coordinate their illegal activities with the leadership of the Vostok terrorist group. The active members of the criminal gang underwent special training in this illegal armed group near Donetsk from July to September. They also received tasks and weapons from the terrorists' leaders there," the statement says.




It is also noted that in the process of subversions preparation, the militants gathered information about the location of military equipment, the Armed Forces of Ukraine checkpoints, the number of personnel and weapons as well as authorities' plans on patriotic events.

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"The members of the subversive group were planning to commit explosions near administrative buildings in Mariupol, crowded places with the aim of destabilizing the situation in the city," the SBU says.

The maps of Mariupol and the Donetsk region with marked locations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine checkpoints and places where the acts of terrorism have already been committed this year June were seized from the subversive group members. The SBU also impounded RPG-26 grenade launcher, AKS-74 assault rifle, a large number of ammunition for them, RGD-5 grenades, improvised explosive devices, Russian camouflage uniforms during their detention.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p309469