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 Ukrainian Soldiers Surrounded on 32nd Checkpoint Urgently Need Relief or Breakthrough. PHOTOS

While we are worrying for the elections, the Ukrainian soldiers at the 32nd checkpoint near the village of Smile have been bravely holding defense of their positions for three weeks being surrounded by the terrorists and occasionally experiencing lack of basic necessities such as water and warm clothes.

Censor.NET Chief editor Yurii Butusov writes on his page on Facebook.

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"There is frost there at night. 80th Airmobile Brigade's platoon has not enough of warm clothes. The National Guard has better supply but still not sufficient to live on the bare ground. The guys are continuously staying in the cold. There are sick with fever. They have no medicines. You may look at the photos to comprehend their living conditions - there are almost any. The guys' health is seriously laid low by dehydration. Before they were brought water yesterday they measured it by lids from bottles. They still have food because one cannot eat a lot of noodles without water and there were no food supplies for a long time. The water was delivered yesterday but it will come to an end soon. They are fed with promises but not help week after week. The Russian mercenaries have tightly surrounded the checkpoint demanding our servicemen to surrender but the guys have not stricken Ukrainian flag. Our soldiers are not broken down - they are ready to perform all the command's tasks but they are tied by the lack of resources and supplies. There are several our destroyed armored vehicles around the checkpoint - from eight to twelve Aidar battalion and 95th airmobile brigade servicemen were killed during the breakthrough. The bodies of eight of them managed to be retrieved from the burned equipment only today. They have fulfilled their duty to the end by providing escort of the convoy heading to the 32nd checkpoint. They came to help their comrades at the cost of their own lives ... "- Butusov notes.


Butusov believes that there is the same situation repeating on the 32nd checkpoint today as it was near Ilovaisk in due time.

"They just still keep believing. There are the same Muzhenko's insane orders to hold positions, the same lies that the aid is coming. The soldiers are performing the orders - they are holding positions, they trust the command but it takes unprecedented efforts and all available forces. Incredibly tough people being loyal to the military duty protect Ukraine. They have to act beyond human capabilities. Why it is our Ukrainian soldiers who have to suffer the incompetence of command so long? Why is it not clear that the army may fight well but the relevant supply should be provided? Why is it not understood that one cannot lie, that it is necessary to respond to any encirclement not by situation reports saying that everything is good, but also by a real action? Why do the Supreme Commander and the Chief of Staff afford to treat citizens so carelessly?" the journalist says.

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"The soldiers on the 32nd checkpoint are decent warriors who require an adequate solution of the military command. It is necessary either to organize a breakthrough from the encirclement or destroy the Russian troops who surrounded our soldiers. And it must be done quickly without carrying endless negotiations that show any actual results. Look at the faces of these guys from the 32nd checkpoint - they spent Election Day in arms. They did not strike the flag,"- Butusov said.


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