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 Humble Men Doing Their Job. New IMAGES From Donetsk Airport

New photos of everyday life of the heroic Ukrainian soldiers besieged in the Donetsk airport.

The pictures were published by journalist Roman Bochkala on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

донецк аэропорт киборгидонецк аэропорт киборги

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донецк аэропорт киборги

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донецк аэропорт киборги

"Before, when I had the word terminal it brought associations with romantic movie about the life of Victor Navorski at Kennedy Airport. The character played by Tom Hanks had suffered a lot and learned a lot in a tiny little world of a transit hub. But it's nothing compared to the experience of our soldiers. I am sure that someday there will have a new movie called Terminal. But the airport will not be a New York one. It will be the Donetsk airport. Best case scenario - it will be a thriller. But it's too early to write a script as well as to define the genre. There is final development. Or maybe not final... The meaning of the events is to be comprehended later. Many important things will make room and stand around something most important. But so far our valiant warriors do what they have to. No matter the circumstances. Whatever the final most important thing will be. What I want the most is for their sacrifice not to be in vain. So that the new Terminal movie has a happy ending," the journalist wrote.

донецк аэропорт киборги

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донецк аэропорт киборги

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донецк аэропорт киборгидонецк аэропорт киборгидонецк аэропорт киборги

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донецк аэропорт киборги

Bochkala also notes that he does not really like the word "cyborg" when it comes to Ukrainian soldiers heroically holding the Donetsk airport.

"Because they are not made of steel. They feel, they feel love, longing and empathy. Sometimes they play the guitar. They tell jokes, laugh, and sometimes, unfortunately, they cry. Cyborgs cannot do this, because they have neither heart nor soul. And our heroes do. I don't even know what to call them in a word ... They do not consider themselves heroes. Humble man doing a man's job. Without further ado and without pathos. May God bless them all to come back alive," the journalist concluded.

донецк аэропорт киборги

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