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 Road to Donetsk Airport Blocked By Terrorists with Tanks - Witnesses. PHOTO

Terrorists from DPR are blocking north part of Kyiv district of Donetsk and offer people to leave the adjacent territories.

This is reported by local people, Censor.NET reports citing Donetsk city website 062.

"Guys, keep strong... DPR is taking perimeter defence in Kyiv district. We were ordered to go to shelter. Guerrilas from DPR step into houses. 11-18." "Passage from Shakhtarska square to Kyivsky Avenue is closed. Many people in camouflage." "They are dugging in at publishing in Kyivsky." "At "Vilnius" the road is closed, does anyone know why?" "They say, they circle the airport, tanks are there, so that's why the road is closed," those are the messages by Donetsk dwellers in social networks.

донецк танк

"A tank convoy headed along Kyiv Avenue of Donetsk to the airport, the terrorists are preparing for street fightings within Donetsk. The tanks are on their positions on the streets. Antiaircraft mounts are present," separatists websites report.

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As reported by locals, the night and morning of Oct. 24 seemed extremely noisy after Thursday's silence.

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