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 "Cyborg" Hatylo Speaks About Ceasefire, Criminal Orders, and Mutual Help of Volunteers and Regulars. PHOTOS

"A shovel, preferably a sharp one, is the most important thing in the war," Hatylo jokes. He is one of those soldiers whom the terrorists called the Donetsk airport cyborgs. He is a volunteer of the 5th battalion of the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps of terrible "Pravoseks" – members of Pravyi Sector.

The volunteer told about the so-called ceasefire, the combat capability of the Ukrainian army, volunteers, and the local population of the Donbas in an interview with Tyzhden, Censor.NET reports.

аэропорт добровольцы

"I wonder how those saying of ceasefire imagine it. Numerous large gangs are fighting in the east calling themselves DPR and LPR, but they are not an integral organization. There is actually no communication, no contact even among our troops. The General Staff gives some moronic orders, etc. Now imagine what happens in those LPR and DPR. Different criminal clans have gathered there. Only God knows what kind of people they have there. Who at all conducted negotiations with them? Did anyone ask them if they are ready for a ceasefire, do they actually need it? They do not! What the insurgents really need is that our military stop shooting at them, and our government, in general, has successfully coped with this.

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However, the volunteer is sure that the Ukrainian army can fight well, provided that the plans and operations will not be sold, and all the work will not be sabotaged. "For example, we have liberated a territory and immediately received the ordered to pull back. Or when my friend is calling me from Debaltseve saying that they were prohibited to use any artillery or tanks, but they (the terrorists. - Ed.) still may use anything. That means, it's just some dumb criminal order."

аэропорт добровольцы

According to him, the volunteers act in close coordination with the army. "We are making war together with the 93rd Brigade and feel like true military, but without government support. We've got radios, communication, coordination, and all of us gain a lot from this. First of all, we are making immense impact on servicemen's morale. We are some sort of mythical insane commandos - fearless ones, who may fight well and never surrender," Hatylo continues.

аэропорт добровольцы

"Many people who understand that we require their help and training have joined us. Though the war, to be honest, is very strange. A lot of awesome Special Forces' skills are really useless here. Because very often you just do not see the enemy. The shooting comes from plantations, bushes, and houses and the enemy can be seen clearly only through the thermal scope or optical sight. And that's it," Ukrainian soldier shares his experience.

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аэропорт добровольцы

аэропорт добровольцы

аэропорт добровольцы
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According to him, if some locals do hate Ukrainian soldiers, the person does not show it "because it is unwise to show your hatred to a man with an assault rifle."

"It's hard there. There are elderly people mostly among those who stayed. We are helping them. There are many civilians wounded by shelling. Who is going to help them? There are no doctors, no police, nobody. No one bursts to help them. I do not know how they will cope in winter. People are stocking up with firewood. If mines have cut some trees, people take them as well as wooden boards from demolished houses. There are elderly people left, generally. There are also a few families, even one with children. It is horrible, frankly speaking," volunteer admits.

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