Russian army ready to suppress communication of Ukrainian armed forces – blogger. PHOTO

The Russian army strengthens its means of communications in order to suppress the communications abilities of Ukrainian army and is most likely to prepare the strike at city of Mariupol.

This was announced by atytarenko blogger, Censor.NET reports.

The blogger wrote: "This picture shows a Russian Tiger with equipment for communications jammer Leer-2, pictured on the motorway Taganrog-Novoazovsk. From Twitter."

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армия техника рф

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Also this one: "Pictured on Oct. 18, 2014, on the way to the border.

"By the way, procurements of the Russian Defense Ministry show a lot of equipment for secure communications. This means that in the next round, which can start as early as in November, an essential element of Russian activity will be suppressing communication abilities of Military Forces of Ukraine while maintaining communications ability of the Russian Armed Forces. This means supplying Ukrainian army with stable communication devices should be top priority. And position finding devices, of course. All this is produced in Ukraine, and is often better than Russian-made. The question is of how to organize it.

"By the way, according to configuration of the Russian Armed Forces in the Rostov region, they are aiming at Mariupol," the blogger wrote.

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Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p308607