Bird's eye panorama of Titan Plant dubbed Crimean Chornobyl made public. PHOTOS

Aerial pictures of the ill-famed Crimea-based Titan Plant were taken on Sept. 8.

As reported by Censor.NET, bird's eye view of the plant was posted by Dronarium Ukraine on social media.

The images show the environmental destruction caused by chemical emissions.

"The pictures show the plant poisoning every living thing for dozens of kilometers around it because of the man-made disaster. It's dubbed Crimean Chornobyl. That’s right, this is Crimean Titan [Plant] and it still operates as you can see. The pictures were taken on Sept. 8," the authors of the images said.

Birds eye panorama of Titan Plant dubbed Crimean Chornobyl made public 01
Birds eye panorama of Titan Plant dubbed Crimean Chornobyl made public 02
Birds eye panorama of Titan Plant dubbed Crimean Chornobyl made public 03

On Sept. 3, the media reported that in the past week the Ukrainian border guards in Kherson region who are protecting the administrative border with temporarily occupied Crimea had repeatedly recorded cases of toxic chemical emissions allegedly from the Titan Plant located in the occupied peninsula.

According to the Azov-Black Sea regional department of the State Border Service, the military detected toxic substances in the air with chemical detectors once again near the Chaplynka checkpoint. The border guards informed the local authorities, law enforcement agencies and evacuated personnel from areas exposed to chemical contamination.

In addition, Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights of Residents of Crimea and Sevastopol Ismail Khalikov said on Facebook that there was a leak of unknown chemical substance in the north of Crimea in the early hours of Aug. 24.

On August 30, Crimean environmentalists and experts concluded that the cause behind the environmental disaster could be evaporation of acid at the Titan Plant due to abnormal heat and the absence of water in the North Crimean Canal. The towns of Armyansk and Yany Kapu are most affected: all metal items are covered with rust, there is a persistent odor of acid, and dead birds are occasionally found on the ground.

The Russian-controlled local authorities announced that the Crimean Titan Plant had been halted for two weeks, and the evacuation of children from Armyansk to Crimean resorts had begun, the Krym.Realii news outlet said. The concentration of sulfurous acid anhydride has exceeded the norm, they said.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p3085601