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 "Banksy from Donetsk" Depicted His Tortures by DPR Terrorists. PHOTOS

Ukrainian street artist Serhii Zakharov, nicknamed "Banksy from Donetsk", made drawings of himself tortured being in captivity in the so-called DPR by the terrorists.

Foreign Policy writes, Censor.NET informs citing ZN.UA. Zakharov says that he painted some graffiti in Donetsk together with his Murzilka project teammates, where the militants were depicted as demons and their leader Igor "Strelkov" Girkin was drawn putting a gun to his head with the inscription: "Just do it".

пытки художник террористы

The artist says that due to his actions, he had to survive 10 days of torture during which he had his ribs broken. According to Zakharov, Russian journalists who interviewed him passed him on to the terrorists.

пытки художник террористы
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"Sometimes in the middle of the night drunken guards took some of the prisoners to another building and beat them there for fun," Zakharov said to the American journalists.

пытки художник террористы

"One day, after I was severely beaten with batons twice, the militants threw me in an iron box, which could barely admit two people, and left it under the sunlight for two days. I lost consciousness there," the artist tells of torture.

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According to Zakharov, the terrorists threatened him with a gun and told to prepare for death the other time. Once they threatened to cut off his ear. Now Banksy from Donetsk lives in Kyiv and nothing looms him. He began working on a series of drawings depicting tortures he had survived.

пытки художник террористыпытки художник террористы

Earlier, the UN announced that the DPR and LPR terrorists brutally torture their prisoners.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p308458