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 Heroes of Donetsk Airport Who Captured Six Separatists Did Not Receive Any Medal. "Someone in Kyiv Would Rather Die Than Medal Them“. PHOTOS

One can often find all sorts of stories of various eyewitnesses on the internet about one of the most striking episodes of the airport defense - the capture of six valuable separatist-gunners.

Ukrainian serviceman Oleksandr Mamalui, sniper of the 93rd Mechanized Brigade, writes about it on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

He notes that there are a lot of wild tales around this event.

"I was not involved in the capture. That day we (soldiers of Sniper and Reconnaissance Company of the 93rd Mechanized Brigade) fought our way to the airport, took the captive insurgents and fought our way outside the airport taking them to the headquarters. What am I getting at? The point is that I've seen these prisoners. I spoke to them. I am well-acquainted with those who actually captured them - and I mean my every word.

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1) Most of the guys who captured the crew of the separatists' D-30 howitzer and commander of the battery of these howitzers are alive and well. They also seized the military truck with ammunition, which the separatists were driving in, by the way.

2) The soldiers would certainly be medaled for such a deed even in the days of the World War II - the time of mass heroism.

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3) The guys who captured those insurgents got no decoration (one and a half month have passed already!).

4) Besides this episode of their combat operation, the guys fought at the airport for two months - since the beginning of August until the beginning of October!!! The hardest month was September - they have also been fighting there then! They still got nothing for that!

5) Half-deaf fellows have their nasal pharynxes burnt because they fired at separatists from rocket launchers out of a closed space to stop their advance! I do not understand this. Can't they really spend a piece of metal?! Or someone in Kyiv would rather die than see some sergeant wearing a medal which this "someone" hasn't earned?! They deserve decoration more than anybody else," Oleksandr writes.

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The Ukrainian soldier also states: "There's one more thing concerning my words credibility: I do not usually post photos of enemy prisoners - this is contrary to my comprehension of the rules of war. But this case is different.

Here are the separatists we brought from the airport resting on the grass.

плен террористы оккупанты сепаратисты

On this photo we are taking them to the headquarters. That's the way it was...

плен террористы сепаратисты оккупанты

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