Mother of Pilot Nadiia Savchenko Pleads to Putin to Release Her Daughter. DOCUMENT

77-year-old mother of the Ukrainian pilot fears that her letter will not reach the addressee.

Maria Savchenko, the mother of Ukrainian servicewoman Nadiia Savchenko, who Russia accuses of involvement in the deaths of two Russian journalists in eastern Ukraine, sent a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin asking to release her daughter, Censor.NET reports citing DW.

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Recently, while in Moscow to visit her daughter, she tried to deliver this letter to the Russian president through lawyers. "The lawyers are skeptical that the officials will get through what I wanted to say to Putin, so I appeal to the international media," Maria Savchenko said in an interview.

In her letter, the woman notes that she gave birth to Nadiia late - at 43, and now she is 77 years old and her daughter is the only hope and support (Nadiia means Hope in Ukrainian - ed.). Husband of Maria and father of Nadiia Savchenko died in 2003. "You are a father. You heart aches for your children's lives. My heart is also aching for my daughter ... I beg of you to let her go to the old lady. She's my only joy, and now she is my only sorrow," the mother of the Ukrainian pilot wrote to the President of the Russian Federation.

савченко письмо

Maria Savchenko does not believe in her daughter's involvement in the death of the Russian journalists, because, she says, Nadiia was already a prisoner of the pro-Russian separatists in the Luhansk region at the time and there is overwhelming evidence that the Russian side does not want to take that fact into consideration. The pilot's mother is confident that her daughter's case was fabricated and is purely political.

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She considers it absurd that Nadiia was placed in a mental hospital for psychiatric evaluation. According to her, people with mental health problems cannot serve in the army. Every six months, all military personnel in Ukraine undergo a compulsory medical examination. Nadiia had undergone such evaluation regularly, which is confirmed by the relevant medical documents. The lawyers intend to submit copies of these documents to her case, according to Maria Savchenko.

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