Ukrainian Army Liberated Krymske Village. PHOTOS

On October 18, The Army liberated the village Krymske in the Luhansk region from the LPR terrorists.

It was reported by head of the Luhansk Regional State Administration Henadiy Moskal, Cenzor.NET informs.

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"On Saturday, October 18, The Armed Forces of Ukraine and the police liberated the last village in Novoaidarivskyi district. Krymske village was resubordinated according to the Verkhovna Rada decree of October 7 ", mentioned in the statement.

Earlier, the village Krymske was subordinated to Slovianoserbskyi district, controlled by LPR separatists. As a result, all social transfers were blocked. To solve the problem, Krymske village was resubordinated to Novoaidarivskyi district, controlled by Ukrainian government

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"One of the pro-Ukrainian village council deputies was shot right on the threshold of his house, two peasants were tortured. Cossacks established the commandant's office in the village council building. Today I found the so-called Great Don Army "Order" (by the way, written with dozens mistakes) assigned as acting head of the village council a certain Alexandrov. He escaped together with the Cossacks", Moskal said.

According to Moskal, the terrorists began to agitate for the upcoming Secession referendum, scheduled for November 9).

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