Three-Week Tactical and Fire Training for National Guard Organized in Kharkiv with Support of Censor.NET. PHOTOS

National Guard Commander Stepan Poltorak and Deputy Serhii Pashynskyi assisted organization of the training.

Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov wrote this on Facebook.

"I did not have time to write about it, but I have recently traveled to Kharkiv where we managed to organize a very interesting training. I invited an awesome Bulgarian Kalin Dimitrov to perform together with his colleagues a three weeks tactical and fire training for two detachments of the National Guard brigade, which is formed in Kharkiv. The core of the brigade is the Vega Special Forces detachment - great officers having a number of military operations in the ATO under their belts. The Vega squad of the Eastern Territorial Command is manned at the moment.


On the photo - Vega squad sniper has passed standard for operational disguise - he disguised himself and took a position on the shooting range for 15 minutes. Anyone could spot him in the open from a distance of 50 meters, without any bushes and he easily kept the target covered. He disguised right here on this slope. You can see the place right behind him - it is absolutely open.

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And one of the reconnaissance groups has successfully passed the exam in front of commander of the Eastern Territorial Command of the National Guard Colonel Yurii Lebed. Great guys are quietly preparing for work. A very good training facility the National Guard has in the Kharkiv region. Kalin, we are waiting for video, by the way.

The training was organized with the support of National Guard Commander Stepan Poltorak and MP Serhii Pashynskyi," Butusov writes.

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