Russian special service staff Yulia Kharlamova was actively involved in the "riot" of the National Guard and recruited soldiers, as reported by media. PHOTOS

фсб провокации харламова

Russian special service staff Yulia Kharlamova was spotted at the presidential administration during the so-called "riot" of the National Guard. Photo from her account in VKontakte.

Along with other bogus relatives, she pretended to be a girlfriend of a soldier from the riotous military unit and provoked people, Censor.NET reports citing Podrobnosti.

She recruited soldiers and conducted their psychological training through VKontakte social network.

In addition, Yulia also managed to participate in combat actions in Donbas.

As part of Rusich raiding unit she attacked road checkpoints of Aidar battalion in the village of Metalist, the Luhansk region.

According to her profile in the social network, Yulia Tselinskaya is a 25-year-old Moscow resident; she went to the Lobachevsky University, was married and even had a baby.

фсб провокации харламова

Photo from her VKontakte account.

Yulia met future terrorists from Rusich unit back in the mid-2000s; she was then well-known in nationalist circles. She participated in various neo-fascist congresses registered under the nickname "Nordica."

The girl is a member of the Orthodox-fascist troopers organization "Lambs of Blue Sky".

фсб провокации харламова
Austere childhood of the Tselinsky sisters. Julia's sister Maria is on the left, Julia is on the right.

Kharlamova-Tselinskaya was a contract serviceperson of a special signalmen regiment of Russian airborne forces assigned to military unit No. 54164 of the Moscow region. In September 2014 she submitted her letter of discharge.фсб провокации харламова

Yulia during her service in the paratroopers regiment near Moscow.

Following the discharge, the paratrooper reported that she found a new creative job.

"Discharged to reserve!:) I am grateful to the army for so many things, it was a very good lesson in my life, and the army taught me a lot. I found a very good civil work that will unleash my creativity," Yulia's post in VKontakte read.

Former Russian paratrooper now works for the Federal Security Service. Her page in social network boasted multiple stripes, chevrons, and photos with military from various departments. She recently removed them.

фсб провокации харламова

Chevron image from Yulia's page and ID of the terrorist Milchakov, a combatant in Luhansk.

Yulia oversees several social network groups and publics through which soldiers are recruited, with particular emphasis on interior troops.

One of these groups is called "Demobilization is in Danger." It is through this group that soldiers were recruited to participate in the protest rally near the presidential administration building on Oct. 13, when three military units came to the presidential administration to demand demobilization.

фсб провокации харламова

Together with other bogus relatives, Yulia played a role of a girlfriend of one of the soldiers. She couldn't, however, say which one. She aggressively pushed journalists and attempted to provoke the crowd.

"Who are you? From what medium? I am sodlier's girlfriend, I came to support the guys, it's time for their demobilization," she shouted at the reporter of podrobnosti.ua.

фсб провокации харламова

Girlfriends of Kharlamova pretending to be mothers of soldiers at the Bankova Street.

Yulia had accomplices at the Bankova Street - the same fake mothers, sisters, and girlfriends. One of them, who didn't look older than 25, claimed that her son had already been in army service for 1.5 years.

"I'm not going to show you my son, but he's here. He should go home, and so should his colleagues, too. To go home, not to war," said one of the "relatives" to the reporter of podrobnosti.ua.

All of them later disappeared in the crowd, along with mysterious people wearing hoods.

After Kharlamova had switched from her national fascist environment to that of Russian mercenaries, her husband was also replaced by paratrooper Aleksei Milchakov.

фсб провокации харламова
Kharlamova and terrorist-sadist Milchakov

Her new love and, concurrently, an accomplice Aleksei Milchakov is a sadist and animal abuser from St. Petersburg. He is notorious for his brutal treatment of wounded soldiers from Aidar Battalion in the village of Metalist.

фсб провокации харламова
Photos of Milchakov made in Metalist and Luhansk.

Yulia loves posting her pictures with Milchakov and recording video messages in his support.

For example, in this video she calls Milchakov a hero and tells the story of how he rescued dogs at war in Ukraine.

The photos of dog rescues by this paratrooper are quite popular. For example, here Milchakov, who is 14, is posing with his knife and a puppy that is still alive.

фсб провокации харламова
Now the paratrooper/animal abuser stays in Luhank to terrorize its residents, while Yulia is in the capital of Ukraine, recruiting new participants for protests orchestrated by Russia's special services, the medium notes.

Earlier, President Petro Poroshenko stated that the rally of the National Guard servicemen on Bankova Street was organized by foreign special services.

Kyiv residents and combatants from volunteer battalions came to Bankova Street, where about 300 soldiers of the National Guard rallied, to shame the protesters for wanting to go home from the war.

On Monday evening, traffic policemen set up reinforced checkpoints on the roads entering the city.

The Military Prosecutor Office opened a criminal case in connection with the rally of the servicemen of the National Guard of Ukraine that took place near the presidential administration the day before.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p307397