RIA Novosti-Ukraine Head Vyshynskyi charged with treason admits being Russian citizen. PHOTO

Head of RIA Novosti-Ukraine media outlet Kyrylo Vyshynskyi, who was detained on treason charges, admitted having passport of a Russian national.

As reported by Censor.NET citing a correspondent for Krym.Realii news outlet, a project of the Radio Svoboda, Vyshynskyi said at his bail hearing held in Kherson-based court.

RIA Novosti-Ukraine Head Vyshynskyi charged with treason admits being Russian citizen 01

Vyshynskyi also said that the articles, which the charges against him were based on, were not editorials, had certain authors, and were published in a section marked as ‘opinion’.

The journalist’s defense asked the court to impose on him a pretrial restriction other than custody - for example, the 24/7 house arrest with obligation to wear an electronic tracking device.

At the same time, the prosecutor requested to remand Vyshynskyi in pretrial custody for 60-day period without bail option.

The hearing was attended by members of nationalist organizations including National Corps and Kherson Self-Defense who intended to demonstrate in such a manner that the trial of the "journalist" was unbiased and transparent.

"Such persons must be put in jail. This is vital. We also advocate openness and transparency of the trial," said Kherson Self-Defense activist Inna Usachova.

On May 15, the law enforcers said they exposed network of Kremlin-controlled media outlets based in Ukraine and apprehended Head of RIA Novosti-Ukraine news agency Vyshynskyi. Russian Defense Ministry decorations and Russian pasport were found during the search at Vyshynskyi's apartment.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p3066601