76th Pskov Airborne Division on Fire: To Sweep Traces of Putin's Crimes in Ukraine? PHOTOS

In Pskov, there was a fire on the territory of a military unit, where the 234th Regiment of the 76th Airborne Division is located.

As Censor.NET reports, citing the Pskov Information Agency, a military unit was on fire.

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It was reported earlier, that on August 15-16 first thousand people stationed in the 76th Airborne Divisin in Pskov were sent to participate in the fighting in eastern Ukraine. Coffins came back. Paratroopers and their families refuse from such a "trip". The authorities, in turn, are trying to cover up the crimes of the leaders of Russia.

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It is possible that fire would have destroyed documents proving the involvement of the Russian troops in combat operations in the Donbas.

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