Defense Ministry Restores Powerful Soviet Era SP Artillery Mount. PHOTO

Current repair will be performed by the Shepetivskyi Repair Plant, a state-owned enterprise.

This is stated by Taras Chmut on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

"The Defense Ministry is restoring SP gun 2s7m PION - 203mm artillery system - the most powerful self-propelled gun of the late Soviet era. Maintenance overhaul and major repair of individual components (anti-recoil devices, hydraulics, loading mechanism) of the 203 mm self-propelled gun 2S7M Pion will be conducted by the Shepetivskyi Repair Plant, a state enterprise, for 4.38 million UAH," he wrote.

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"Just so you could imagine, this bastard shoots with 102 kg shells and up to 47.5 km," Chmutov wrote.

минобороны вооружение пион сау

You can help to restore the SP gun. Bank details:

Privat Bank account: 5168 7420 6029 2525 Taras Chmutov (central account);


Pay-Pal romantychkivskyy@gmail.com

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To help Kyiv-2 special battalion

Privat Bank 4731 2171 0311 9861 Taras Chmutov

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Regarding all matters call +380988296264 (Taras)


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