All Ukrainian lawmakers combined possess 323 firearms, 156 of them owned by MP Shufrych alone. INFOGRAPHICS

According to 2016 annual income and assets statement, Opposition bloc MP Nestor Shufrych owns collection of 156 firearms - the largest one owned by a Ukrainian lawmaker.

As reported by Censor.NET, the Declarations project (Bihus.Info) found out how many fire arms the lawmakers have in possession.

Verkhovna Rada’s second top gun owner is also an Opposition bloc member Mykhailo Dobkin. He declared 18 hunting rifles and carbines (equipped with conventional and even night vision scopes) manufactured by Cosmi, Holland & Holland, Krieghoff, Petter Hofer and J. Koschat.

Hennadii Bobov secured the third place in the list with Krieghoff, Merkel, and Winchester hunting rifles, three Kalashnikov-based modified carbines, a Walther G22 rifle, a Browning BAR carbine, and a rubber-bullet handgun Fort 12P.

All Ukrainian lawmakers combined possess 323 firearms, 156 of them owned by MP Shufrych alone 01

MP Vitalii Khomutynnik is on the fourth place with six hunting rifles and carbines (SCAR, Blaser, Lebeau-Courally, Merkel and Sauer). Yurii Miroshnichenko is the last in the list of top five lawmakers-gun owners with his five hunting rifles (H-S Precision, Mauser, and Dakota).

63 incumbent lawmakers were awarded with firearms by the Presidential Administration or Interior Minister Arsen Avakov. However, they decided not to mention it in their declarations obviously estimating each separate firearm was worth less than 80,000 hryvnia.

It is noteworthy that the lawmakers were awarded not only with semiautomatic handguns, but with full-automatic firearms as well. For example, Minister Avakov awarded four members of Radical Party parliamentary faction - Oleh Liashko, Serhii Skuratovskyi, Oleksii Lenskyi, and Serhii Rybak – with MP5 submachine guns while People's Front faction MP Yurii Bereza and Serhii Pashinsky were awarded with Fort 224 assault rifles. MP Ihor Kotvytskyi was granted as many as six handguns (Smith & Wesson, APS, Mauser, Glock 17 Fort 9, Fort 17 and Fort 21), which makes him the top gun awardee ever.

Opposition bloc is the most armed parliamentary faction with 188 members possessing declared firearms. The members of The People’s Front faction possess 40 firearms that they did not show in their income statements. Petro Poroshenko Bloc faction secured the third place with 27 awarded "undeclared" firearms.

Combined data of statements and award lists shows that 87 lawmakers have 323 pieces of firearms in possession.

"Not one, not two or three lawmakers bring firearms to the parliament," the agency quoted Chairman of Petro Poroshenko Bloc faction, Ihor Kononenko, as saying amidst reports that MP Savchenko allegedly smuggled several grenades into the parliament.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p3058023