"Cargo-200" Arrives in Kostroma: Journalists Discover Fresh Graves of Paratroopers Killed in Ukraine. PHOTOS

Russian journalists found four fresh graves of Russian paratroopers of the 331st Guards Airborne Regiment. Tombstones of the soldiers are located at the alley, where people who died in hot spots are usually buried.

According to Censor.NET, there are four fresh graves of paratroopers, who fought in the Donbas, at the cemetery in Kostroma. The tombstones of the soldiers appeared on the alley where soldiers killed in the hot spots are buried, writes Russian journalist Andrei Malgin on his LiveJournal page.

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The first casualty of the regiment - Sergey Seleznev - was buried on September 2. The enlistment office told the journalists that the soldier died during an exercise in the Rostov region. Information about the death of another paratrooper from Kostroma region - Andrey Pylypchuk - was confirmed by his relative. However, the circumstances of his death remain unknown, and the close relatives refuse to talk to the journalists.

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At least three more Russian paratroopers were killed during the fighting in the territory of Ukraine, the administration of the Kostroma cemetery says. In the alley usually meant for burying the soldiers killed in the hot spots, are the graves of 26-year-old Sergey Gerasimov, 32-year-old Alexey Kasyanov and 27-year-old Evgeniy Kamenev. The dates on the tombstones say they were killed on August 24, 25 and September 3.

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